365: Year 2 - jlcphotography88
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Everything is Gold, Everything is Equal

Everything is Gold, Everything is Equal


Gold coins, gold phone,Annotate gold car
Costs at least 10 racks to get 16 gold bars
Gold rush, suck on my gold dust stuntin
Under these gold trunks, that’s 2 golden nugget
Flyin' on the gold eagle, flier than the rest of ‘em
Past the Space Needle, golden shower on pedestrians
"Excuse me, that’s my bad, that’s my eagle and he shouldn’t have"
My ego got hair, that motherfucker got a mullet bruh
And it’s gold, two girls gold brass
Lounging on the water, feet in the gold sand
Sipping on Orangina, arms around them both pants
They’re sipping Olde English right out of a gold can
Two girls, gold spandex so pretty
That girl ain’t even gold, she just got golden girl titties
I’m kidding, everyone is gold in my city
You paint Betty White gold, even Betty White can get it
Get it get it get it..